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Annoyed by how hard it is to keep your group’s presence on the web up to date?
Disturbed by how data about you and your friends and associates is being sold?
Held captive by large tech companies that you don’t trust?

What if your digital life wasn’t owned by profit-maximizing corporations?
What if you were confident that you could take your posts, comments, wishlists, favorites, reviews, groups, and other data with you to a new social media service, just like you can take your toaster to a new apartment?
What if you could remix the apps you use just like you can a TikTok video?
What if the fees charged by apps and app stores prioritized customer and worker needs over maximizing return to shareholders?

We’re breaking ground on a community-owned digital future

With a Convene Space you can:

  • Host a live stream
  • Conduct polls or surveys, collect suggestions
  • Accept payments
  • Publish updates across social media channels
  • Move between hosting providers, so you’re never locked into one vendor

If this sounds like you, sign up for early access

For the Solidarity Economy Co-Conspirators

We get it, most software isn’t designed for platform cooperatives, worker-owned enterprises, or even small teams with a lot of trust between them. It’s just capitalism all the way down.

Convene is a platform for us to dream up toys and tools to change all that. Build them with us!

We hold weekly community working sessions where we build features together, discuss project trajectory, and chat about building a digital solidarity economy together.

Build your next community or digitally enabled small business on Convene.

Who are we?

Convene is designed, developed, and hosted by Zinc, a worker-owned digital product and service cooperative. Contact us if you have questions or thoughts

Our philosophy

  • Human First Not advertisers, not investors. People like our worker-owners and (eventually!) client-owners.
  • Plays Well With Others We work with powerful services like Jitsi, Stripe, Plaid, and more.
  • Infinitely Tailorable With full access to Convene's source code, designs, and regular open collaboration sessions, if you can dream it, you can build it.
  • Data Sovereignty It's your data, not ours. We don't sell your activity, and you can take your data with you.